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Have a break at our neighborhood friendly café, or enjoy the same menu in the hotel lounge for a more private setting.


A neighborhood friendly cafe that gets its name from the owner’s surname. “林 (LIM)”, which is a common surname in the Chinese society, stands for forest in Chinese character. The word also compliments well with the natural setting in the hotel.


NANYANG LOUNGE “南洋 (NANYANG)“refers to the South China Sea which the Malaysian Chinese ancestors use to migrate from China in the 1960s. Ever since then, Chinese migrants triumphed in the land, which we called Malaysia today. Hand drawn murals can be seen in the lounge that depicts the scenes of ship sailing across the South China Sea and the hard work they contributed to the motherland. Nanyang Lounge is for the hotel’s guests to relax in, where they can enjoy complimentary snacks, drinks, high tea and supper dessert.